Schamanische Energie Medizin


Shamanic Healing  

Working with shamanic energy medicine opens a different approach to healing resp. awakening your own healing powers. Physical, emotional or spiritual traumas can effect your energy field, leaving so called imprints within that energy field that get triggered repeatedly and can cause for example frustration, sadness, imbalance and physical symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness, etc. and can also stop you from feeling empowered and free. Very often you might not even know why we feel that way and we are doubting yourself.

I use different tools and methods that can bring clarity, balance and stillness to you and help you to remove these energetic imprints, restore your energy field and empower you again to walk your heroe’s journey – the way you choose to do that – walking in beauty!

Trance journeys and sound healing support my work because the cause for the wounds are often so hidden that we can only can approach the true origina when the body is totally relaxed.

My private shamanic healing sessions take place either personally or per skype/facetime/telephone. They usually take 1-1,5 hours and are entirely directed to your individual, specific needs!


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