Schamanische Heilung & Energie Medizin

What I offer

  • Private shamanic healing sessions personally or per skype/telephone
  • Energetic healing with chakra cleansing and sound healing
  • Healing drum journeys – shamanic trance journeys in groups
  • Individual Healing trance journey for your personal healing into the underworld or upperworld - whatever you need to come into peace with yourself, a deep cleansing and energizing of your field
  • Rituals for special occacions, weddings, births, deaths, - rites of passages: puberty, parenthood, menopause and opening of business
  • Energetic house cleansing and protection – for private homes or companies
  • Shamanic coaching – individual or in groups (half day or full day)
  • An individual programme consisting of energetic cleansing and healing and e.g. ritual, tools for coming into balance and individual consultancy – meeting your specific needs
  • Full moon rituals – with fire ceremony, rituals and ceremonies for women