Annette Lachmann lernte ich vor mehreren Jahren kennen. Sie hatte immer großes Interesse an den Dingen der Zwischenwelten, dem spirituellen Wissen. Als sie ihre Schamanische Ausbildung beendet hatte, bin ich mehrmals zu Behandlung/ Session gegangen. Ich war ohne jegliche Erwartung. Ich spürte gleich nach der ersten Sitzung, das sich etwas in meinem Energiefeld positiv verändert hatte. Neugierig geworden besuchte ich mehrmals die von ihr durchgeführten Vollmondzeremonien. Danach war es für mich klar, ich werde eine Schamanische Ausbildung bei ihr beginnen. Diese Ausbildungszeit eröffnete mir neue Welten, Sichtweisen und öffnete mein Herz und die feinen Sinne für das was zwischen den Zeilen geschrieben steht. Dieses positive innere Wachsen verbreitete sich auf meine direkte Umgebung. Durch die Ausbildung habe ich gelernt mit alten Mustern ab zu schließen . Ich bin dankbar, das mir dieser Weg durch Annette aufgezeigt wurde.

Tómas Lemarquis

I would like to share with you a few words about the incredible transformational journey I have been driven into since I met Annette the first time 3 years ago. I have chosen to focus particularly on one very memorable healing, although they all had their effect, each in different ways. Many of the others did include a lot of crying and letting go of old traumas. Clearing the energy field every time more and more. In one of them the whole room we were in started freezing, it felt like -20 degrees, I started shaking and crying with waterfalls of tears coming out of my eyes. After that I was filled with a warm bright light. And my whole balance changed in the hips. I got more centered and I started walking differently. Before, there was something blocking me and I was like pulled towards the back. Some others I know of have gotten their voice back. Everyone is different. Whatever holds you back can be removed in the course of time.

But back to the story. In September 2015 I was in Paris visiting my French grandparents who are now over 90 years old. I had lived with them a few years in Paris in the past and they are very dear to me. In one of our talks I asked them how I had been as a child. And my grandmother answered me that I had often been quite different from how I am now. Namely quite angry at times. I asked her for an example and she told me that when I was 3 years old my parents left me with my grandparents in their summer house in Normandie and went to Paris for 3 days. When these 3 days had passed I went with my grandparents to the train station to pick them up and the train arrived without my parents. There was no mobile phone back then and they had missed the train and came a few hours later. But at this point I became silent and showed no exterior expression. We drove back home. And then all of a sudden everything became silent and it was unusual with a 3 year old child. So they started looking for me and found me in my parent’s bedroom with a huge knife in my hands making big holes in the mattress where they normally slept. When my grandmother told me this story it was as someone had punched me really fast in the solar plexus. I was out of breath. The visual memory didn’t come back but the body remembered very clearly.

I called Annette and through Skype I got my first distant healing which worked just like if I was with her. She traveled and found out that this was a trans-generational fear of abandonment. When my parents didn’t appear at the train station this memory was triggered. I felt that I was abandoned for life and would never see them again. It has been tested in mice that if you link a trauma with a certain smell the next generation will trigger up that memory reaction finding that same smell. So there is a lot of cellular junk memory in our genome we need to clear out of our genetic field, old fears that don’t even belong to us. That is how our ancestors live in us in an unhealthy way. We surely can honour our ancestors without carrying their fears deep in us.

Often after a strong healing the whole vision of life can change. You start seeing things you didn’t notice before. Like a new pair of glasses which would give you a new perception every time. If you are someone who is looking for the status-quo then for all means don’t go see Annette. But if you are ready for a big transformation, ready to put the effort yourself to change, then I can highly recommend this technique. It gives the patient a rare opportunity to get to the surface and access things normally hidden deep in the unconscious. It offers the possibility of writing a new map and new neuro-pathways are being made in the brain. The brain does not recognise the difference between a real event and a dreamt or imagined one. In that sense you can reprogram the brain with a new memory which will in exchange not trigger fear in given circumstances.

A shaman is not someone with a magic wand who says hocus-pocus and you change. The shaman is someone who takes your hand and leads you to places hardly that are hard to reach by yourself and says, „Now it is your turn to forgive, to let go or do whatever needs to be done.“ At the end of the day, nothing will change if the person is not ready to take the steps him/herself. The only question that remains is — are you ready to jump? Endless thanks and blessings to you Annette and everyone you help to transform on this magical journey and might be reading this right now.

Þorvaldur Thoroddsen

I have always been interested in shamanism and mysticism.
When I first heard about Annette coming to Iceland I immediately felt drawn to meet her. I went for a despacho and fire ceremony with her and did receive my bands of protection.
Few months after she came again to Iceland and I went for a healing session with her. I experienced some amazing results about healing the past and to find my center in life.
Now I am on my path of studying shamanism and the medicine of the Q’eros with Annette and as a mentor she is brilliant and with deep knowledge and sense of the old wisdom. She has the ability to pass the knowledge and the techniques with great love and respect. I can fully recommend her medicine and teachings to anyone.

Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir

There are, at several junctions in life Gateways towards an enhanced state of Being. The Shamanic Journey I started over a year ago with Annette is the most profound of these and continues to bring about a level of wholeness that was previously but a concept.

As I turned my spiritual glance towards the Shamanic path there she appeared in form of a personal healer, teacher and guide. Within the blink of an eye, I cherished her both as a wisdom carrier as well as soul sister and that continues to grow with each passing day.

Annette is a Shaman to the core, with passion, power and a fluid connection to each and every one of her students/clients. In some remarkable manner she manages to not only heal and re-connect us, but also stay in touch with all of our journeys and play a active part in our life mission at all times.
On a cosmic level she represents a physical and spiritual conduit between worlds in order to prepare bridges to the next level and I am deeply blessed to call her my sister.

Guðlín K. Jónsdóttir

I have known Annette for eighteen months now. When I first met her I was recovering from a serious illness that affected me both physically and mentally . I was prepared to try anything to get my health and my spirit back.

Annette introduced me to a new force so strong that I could not believe it. This force of live I have since learned, is in me, in nature, the wind, the earth, sky and water ... All around us. I can hardly describe it and I can only dare you all to try. I have had private sessions with Annette several times and that is always a journey so powerful, whether it's over Skype or in person. I have gotten some of my strength back.
During this time and after attending her wonderful workshops as well I have discovered hidden powers I did not know I had, found out I can connect to and work with my shakras and gotten to know my power animals. My intuition and psychic powers are getting stronger every day, and some old experiences and traumas have been cleaned out. It's a journey worth taking and I've only just begun. I can't wait to continue this with my tribe ( group). This is my path, this is for the courageous ones
..... Love

Halldór Magnússon

A series of incidents led to a meeting between me and Annette in october 2014, a friend of a friend recommended to me that I go see her. I did not know what I was about to experience nor did I imagine the effect that meeting would have on my life and is still having. I had been carrying with me a lot of trauma for almost 40 years and I couldn‘t find a way to get rid off the emotional baggage that I had gathered around me for so long. I had built high and thick walls around me where I nurtured my grief. For 40 years. I had trouble trusting people, I had trouble trusting myself. My first session with Annette changed everything for me, she showed me a way to make peace with my past, make peace with my grief, with myself, and she showed me how to continue my journey here on earth with an open heart and an open mind. She poked holes in my defenses and I don‘t see any reason anymore to surround me with walls. She has made me a happier person, more content, more sure of myself, of my way, and the changes I‘ve been through in less than 2 years are remarkable. I‘m a much better version of myself than I ever thought possible and the best thing is I get better every day.

 Linda Love Gremsberger

 The first time I heard of Annette I could instantly feel that I needed to see her. Without even knowing what I was in for i booked a shamanic healing. It was my first time and I just knew had to go there was so much trust in my being. The session we had was amazing , we solved blockages that I have been struggling for so many years. Annette really knows how to create a sacred and safe space and her perceives with such clarity and knows exactly what needs to be done. Annette has opened a new door for me and I am excited to continue to work with her. She is truly a loving being and I admire her work as a channel to help the world move forward in Healing ourselves and Mother Earth.
Thank you.

 Julia Jückstock

Annette Lachmann lernte ich 2012 kennen, zwar in einem anderen Zusammenhang, aber als wir ins Gespräch kamen erzählte sie von ihrer Arbeit als Schamanin. Ich frage sie, wie es genau sei... Ihre Antwort: Ich kann es nicht genau beschreiben, probiere es einfach aus! Machte mich neugierig und so tat ich es dann auch!

Rückwirkend betrachtet haben mich die Behandlungen/Session immer mehr zu mir selber gebracht. Ich kam immer mehr in MEINE innere Mitte, mehr zu mir... Dadurch wurde es mir auch mehr "egal", was andere Leute von mir denken oder denken könnten.

Es ist bei mir unwichtig, ob ich ein "Thema" habe, um das es gerade geht oder ob ich einfach merke, dass es sich irgendwie nicht gut in mir anfühlt. Bei Annette weiß ich, dass ich hinterher gestärkt und in mir ruhend herausgehe.