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DAY of the Rites of the Andes – Saturday 30th September 2023 in Reykjavik / Iceland


Dear friends,
In these turbulent times, going into ceremony, holding rituals or healing drum journey is what is calming down our fight and flight system and brings a lot of healing and harmony to our lives.
Since Annette has only 1 day now to offer an event, we decided to create a workshop that
consists of 2 parts and you can register for one or also for both:

1st workshop in the morning 9.30 h –12.30 h:
Healing the Womb (Women’s Rite) and
Healing the heart of the warrior (Men’s Rite)

These Rites are part of the Munay Ki Initiations.
13th rite of Munay Ki now renamed 10th rites– the rite of healing the womb. Where new life, new ideas, creativity are born. It is a very important initiation to bring healing to the womb – individually and collectively, to free our womb from pain, shame and fear which is so wide-spread within us. Even if you have received those rites some time ago, it is advisable to refresh the cell memory of them since the quality of the rites keeps changing and frequencies are rising as it happens all around us.
The 11th Rite “healing” the heart of the courageous warrior” will contribute to heal the wounds of the collective male energy – it needs healing to step out of fear and old paradigms and step into a loving, compassionate path because with an open heart, strength, light and love will run right through you.
Both rites can also be received by all participants regardless of the gender (men/women) since we want to heal both energies within us: female and male = the Yin and the Yang energy!

2nd workshop, in the afternoon 14.00 h- 17.00 h:
Rites of the 7 daughters of Pachamama - Receive the rites of the Nusta Karpay“
The Nustas have always been a part of the Q’ero tradition.
The Q'ero medicine men and women understood the importance of healing Mother Earth's wounds and disharmony. They have long answered their call for healing with various ceremonies, rites and offerings. The Nustas are the princesses and goddesses of the mountains (Apus) and waters along the high mountains of Peru and Bolivia. They help us a lot to get in balance with the sacred feminine and bring healing to Pachamama.

The intention of the Nustas is to open and expand the heart - of women and men - and to help us to accept the feminine in us and to bring it into power - when we heal the feminine in us, we help Mother Earth heal. It is a very intense, heart-openeing experience to receive these 7 Nustas in your chakras.
Both imitations are accompanied with different cleansing and healing drum journeys.
Please register either for Part One or Part Two – but of course it is also possible to book both events.

When: Saturday, September 30, 2023 – 9.30h- 12.30h – women/men Rites
Saturday, September 30th, 2023 – 14.00 – 17.00 h – Nusta Karpay Rites

Where : Leiðin heim - Holistic healing center. Laugavegur 178 við Bolholt - 3rd floor

Costs: ISK 7.000,- for one event (morning or afternoon)
ISK 13.000 for both events (then we can have lunch together)

Please register at or - places are limited due to location.
We are very much looking forward to sitting in ceremony with you 🌻!

Munay sonqo ❤️
(Quechua: a greeting from the heart)

🩷Annette & Rafael💙

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